The tradition of world famous Strauss Dynasty was started by Johann Strauss’ father when he founded his first „Strauss Orchestra” in 1825. Masterpieces like „The Blue Danube” Waltz, „The Vienna Blood” Waltz, „Tritsch-Tratsch” Polka, The Radetzky March and many many more were created by the magnificent Strauss Dynasty Foundation. Current Vienna Strauss Orchestra was formed by Edvin Marton in 2009. He was learning the authentic style of Strauss in Vienna HochSchule and realized his dream to pay tribute to Strauss Dinasty.

The Orchestra ranges in size from 17 to 40 musicians, depending on the venue, and play pieces by Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. With the best musicians, the Vienna Strauss Orchestra already played in beautiful halls of North and Latin Ameria, Europe and Asia. Upcoming events in the schedule of VSO: tour in China, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and USA. Edvin Marton is one of the best violinist of our time and maybe his oldest dream came true with this honour to Straus’s tradition.

Marton, who is composer of the Olympic- and World-Champion figure skater, Evgeny Plushenko, won Emmy-Award in 2006 and won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, plays Paganini’s original Stradivarius violin since winning the Golden Violin Award. He performed with celebrities like Seal, Zucchero, Lou Bega or Supertramp, jumped on stage with Gloria Gaynor, etc. Founded the current group, Edvin Marton brought not only a beautiful tone but his own energetic and passionate style to the traditional Viennese music. In concert with opera singers and principal ballet dancers, the VSO brings the stunning compositions of Strauss and Mozart to life. With his contribution, the performance is not only a usual classical concert but a really entertaining show with definitely original sound and instrumentation.


Continuing the very strong tradition of Vienna New Year’s Concert, we would like to present the Vienna New Year’s Concert trough the world with the Vienna Strauss Orchestra and Edvin Marton. The Vienna New Year’s Concert’s tradition is living for more than 70 years. Nowaday TV channels are broadcasting the performance in 72 countries of the wolrd. Who could be the most perfect orchestra to bring this wonderful show to the audience of each European countries than the Vienna Strauss Orchestra?

We would like to offer our New Year’s Concert Tour, as a very special event period wich is able to fill not only Theatres or Concert Halls but big Arenas all around the world.